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Ammonium Sulfamate

Molecular formula:NH2SO3NH4 Molecular weight:144.12

Characteristics: White puff crystal. Soluble of water,weakly acidic. Normal standard solubility is 185.6. Absorb vapour in the air .Insoluble in methanol an ethanol.

Use:Widely used in agriculture , printing and dyeing, tobacco,building, material and textile industry.

Packing,storage and transportation:Knitting bags with double plastic liners, 25kg per bag.Keep in dry and clean storage protection from sunshine, moisture following the rules for transporting and storing normal chemicals.

name of index

high class

first class

ammonium sulfamate %


≥ 99.5

residue after ignition %

≤ 0.02


sulpate SO4 %



heavymetal %


≤ 0.0002

chloride %



iron %



PH value of 10 percent of water solution



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